I’ve created images for a diverse range of artists from Billy Joel to Elvis Costello, The Clash to YoYo Ma. I’ve art directed photo shoots in 120º heat in the California desert and -4º on a New York City rooftop, waist deep in Caribbean water, on an LA soundstage built to look like an alleyway behind a 52nd street jazz club. Here are a few of the projects I've produced for clients like Sony Music, Columbia Records, Arista, A&M, Warner Brothers, Blue Note and more.

Working with Mosaic, known for the high standards of their limited-edition box set releases, on their Mosaic Contemporary start-up presented an exciting opportunity to design the complete look for the record label from package design to advertising and website.

Branding, art direction and design for a “Best of” jazz series for Sony Music.

The Essential Series for Sony Music is an ongoing best of the best series which presented an opportunity to work with classic images of great artists and, as it turned out, quite a lot of them.